You Can Do It! A Guide to Talking to Kids About Race

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Event Details

Click here to register.  Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan will be hosting an honest and open forum for families that would like to know how to address the topic of race with their children. November 8th will focus on parents of younger children; November 9th will focus on parents of tweens and teens. 
This class is designed to give parents the confidence, knowledge, and resources they need to have meaningful conversations about race with their children. Parents will learn about communication styles, conflict styles, and how those styles shape conversations. The course will help parents understand the importance of talking to kids about race while showing them how to start (and continue) the conversation. 

Event Type(s): Civil Rights, Adults and Seniors, Education
Age Group(s): Adult
Presenter: Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan
Margaret Kensinger-Klopfer